Global Game Jam 2013


Mini Video Game

Here is a little game that we made for the Global Game Jam 2013, the world’s largest game jam event. We arrived in third position in the Barcelona Game Jam. We had only 48h, from Friday 5p.m. to Sunday 3p.m then the game presentation. This year, the theme wasn’t a word or an image but a sound, a heart beating, and one of the requirement was not to show any violence, not even cartoonish.Our idea was to create a game based on the music rythme and inspired by the horse racing games in fairs. The player is merged in an endurance race where his cross-breed avatar has to move following the tempo. This game allows multiplayer online.
So it’s your go now !You have to tap the key SPACE at the same time of the beat in the song. In the race you play simultaneously with all the people online.

Barcelona January 25-27 2013
Art : Anna Duriez
Game : Javi Agenjo