Utopia : Flyers & Promotions


Promotion design for Utopia.

A selection of flyers and posters, I’ve made for « Utopia », a Pool Party in Barcelona, July 2011.
The idea was to create a new image for the pool party. Generaly, the music played at this occasion is mainstream. This time, it wasn’t the case : the best Dj’s in the Europeen House Music were at the program. So, I had to present this « underground » event using a colorfull but non-convencional composition and here is the result.

Flyer Utopia for the Month of July 2011

Advertisement for Utopia In the Metropolitan Barcelona July 2011

Poster for Utopia in Barcelona, July 2011

Presales Tickets, July 2011

Brochure for the Presales Tickets, July 2011

Flyer Pre-opening Party, June 2011

Web page underconstruction proyectual.info, June 2011

Advertisement, B-Culture Magazine Barcelona, July 2011

Advertisement, Minicards Barcelona, 2011

logo, print